Friday, 14 August 2015

The Farm

 Last weekend we were fortunate to share a rare work-free/football free (hallelujah!) Saturday together  so we decided to get up early and out of the house for a few hours to escape the sounds of the Piplings and Cheebies of Waybuloo, and to get a bit of fresh air. 
 Every morning we have a personal wake up call courtesy of little Eva between the hours of 6am and 7 and the weekends are definitely no exception.
 I've always been a bit of a night owl and as much as it kills me having to get up so early, honestly- I still use every distraction I can think of in the hope of an extra 15 minutes, Nothing has proved effective (yet) and alas i'm shivering downstairs in the kitchen clutching on to my cup of coffee for dear life.
At times I like the fact we start our day so early and instantly feel more productive for it.
 There are days I have my hoovering, washing and breakfast finished by 8.30am feeling like Mother Of The Year, and others I can be found sprawled out on the sofa watching Mr Tumble with one eye open with Stuart's 'Rocky Italian Stallion' dressing gown wrapped around me. The only thing that can get me shifted is Eva pulling the logs out of the fire place or attempting to dismantle the television.

Anyhow, early mornings aside, after being inspired by a school friend Lauren, and her beautiful little boy who visited the farm the previous week, we decided to take a trip there ourselves .Since having a baby we have have done the rounds when it comes to day trips. Lakes, soft play centres, country trails to the local parks.. it can get a little repetitive and so the farm was a great opportunity to experience something new.
After a quick search on Google maps and loading up the car with all the gear (buggy, baby bag, snacks. nursery rhyme cd for the car- The joys, eh?) we were ready to set off.
To be honest we didn't really know what to except from the farm and wondered if  Eva would really even benefit from any of the activities they had to offer - but we couldn't help feeling excited anticipating her reactions to all the animals, considering the fact she hasn't been in contact with animals before, despite Stuart's best attempts at trying to get us a dog.

Well what can I say? we all loved the farm! Eva was so intrigued with all the animals and we didn't hear a peep out of her while she was stroking chicks and bunny rabbit and bottle feeding a baby goat. My baby feeding a baby animal? Someone pass the Kleenex! It was also  the first day Eva had ever wore 'proper' shoes, and I was most definitely that overzealous mum, bursting with pride and being ever so snap happy with the camera.

 'Ohh stand with her beside the tractor'
'Awwh! stand in front of the horse!'
Oh yeah. That mum.

The staff at the farm were fantastic and constantly brought animals over to Eva without us even having to ask and were so extremely patient with her. 

The rain came on and we ventured into a little playroom where we were able to take a little break and Eva was able to crawl about and stretch her legs. In this little room we met a little boy (Jonah) with his mummy,and days later after seeing a picture of this lovely little boy appear on my Instagram feed I was convinced these were the people we had met at the farm. As much as Stuart tried to refrain me sending her a message 'You'll sound like a baby stalker!' nosiness got the better of me and I tagged her in the photo. It turns out it was in fact Jonah and his mummy! We both have been following each other on Instagram for a few months and little did we know that our babies were playing together. How small is the world? Such a lovely coincidence.

Overall, a great day at the farm!


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