Sunday, 31 May 2015

Recent Loves

Just whenever we thought Eva's sleeping could not get any worse, she throws a spanner in the works- Just to keep us on our toes. 
We're now back to seeing every single hour on the clock. 
It's as well she's ridiculously cute as she stands in her cot clapping her hands for our attention.
We're up before most bakers in the country, before the majority of people have even stumbled home from the bar. 
It's just a phase we keep telling ourselves.
A torturous, cruel phase sent to push us to our physical and mental limits.
So understandably the caffeine intake has been upped this week.
(Nero, Costa... you name it)
The stronger the better, and a slice of cake please
And thank the Lord for Grandparents.
We have been Youtubing 'Baby Lullabies' the last few weeks.
We've all been there at one stage or another, haven't we? particularly at stupid o'clock in the morning.
I was a fan of the white noise apps back when Eva was a newborn, back before she found the sounds of the rain forest so comical.
These days we're on the lookout for something a little more calming and sleep inducing. I randomly came across 'Rockabye Baby' on one particularly challenging night.  Rock music in lullaby form? Count me in.
There's everything from David Bowie, The Cure and The Beatles to Coldplay, Pharrell Williams and Bob Marley.
A genius idea if you ask me!
Ok, so it hasn't actually lulled her off to sleep but how ridiculously relaxing is this to listen to? I have a playlist I like to put on while feeding Eva her last bottle of the night- it sends all three of us into a nice sleepy state. Other songs i'd recommend are The Cure's 'Just like heaven' and Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' which I can't believe i'm actually typing as if there's one song I hate with a passion, it's this one. It  just screams out drunken karaoke. But in lullaby form? I'm all over it.
The lovely people at Nuby sent Eva out a teething bundle last week. 
I was almost as delighted as her as those little gums have been giving her a considerable amount of trouble recently.
Everything in the parcel was extremely useful, from the thick, absorbent dribble bibs to the teething rings that double as toys (Great for car trips)
OK, being completely honest. a teething baby is going to enjoy anything they can get into their mouths aren't they?- only this morning I was wrestling with Eva to get the edge of the laptop out of her mouth, and the remote control did not stand a chance.
That being said, these are a great distraction for her, they're safe, bright and colourful and the different textures means it holds her attention for longer.
 She's particularly been drawn to the 'Wacky Teething Ring' which contains a piece of of crinkly fabric which is always a winner with an inquisitive baby and lots of soft silicone for her to chomp down on.
I picked up 'Gurgle' magazine a few weeks back in the WHsmith in the airport. To be honest it was a bit of a panic purchase, but i'm so glad I came across it, I didn't put it down the entire flight.
Gone are the days of Cosmopolitan and Glamour, eh?
It's aimed at modern mums (and mums to be!) and contains articles on everything under the sun,  from embarking on your weaning journey, helping  little ones with a sleep aversion (sounds familiar), to information on fertility, IVF and conceiving.
There's maternity fashion, baby fashion, product reviews and recipes. Everything that is relevant to mums and mums to be. Where has it been in my life the last eight months?
I personally love reading other women's experiences and learning about all different styles of parenting and the tips and tricks that come along with them. The best recommendations come from the mouths of mums who have tried and tested products themselves and will give honest opinions.
I only wish I'd discovered it when I was pregnant.

The  past week we have been enjoying looking back at pictures of Eva. I think returning to work made me take stock of the last nine months and it was so nice to sit down and look back..
 It is amazing how much she has changed in the last few months. As much as i'm a perpetual pest with the camera i'm so glad i've captured all these fleeting moments by the week. I just need to get  move on printing some and adding to the baby books!
....And i'm back! On Tuesday I started back to work after nine months off on Maternity leave. I've spent the last few months feeling incredibly emotional and anxious at the idea of returning to work but like lots of mums who reassured me, it really wasn't too bad after all.
I really missed having a little cuddle in the evening, the bedtime routine and even just spending a few hours in the evening with Stuart. (Although on the plus side i'll probably lose a bit of weight by ditching the obligatory night time tea and biscuits)
By the third shift it felt as though I had never been away and had almost forgot about the joys of working in retail:
lots of dirty fingernails, forgotten wallets and plain strange conversations!
But I am glad to be back, see familiar faces and get back to a bit of normality. (For now that is!)
and what better way to finish off the week?? (Courtesy of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers!)


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Maternity Leave: Coming to an end

This week has been bittersweet, it marks the end of my maternity leave.
Nine months have came and went- so fast, that honestly I haven't seen them passing by.
Ok, maybe I have, but  a part of me hasn't wanted to acknowledge it, I'm so happy at home with my baby, and it's left  me feeling slightly uneasy that things are changing.
Just as I'm (almost) getting used to this housewife malarkey, I have to stick on a uniform and go back to work.

OK, so it's only part time, a few hours in the evening (and it means I don't have to make dinner for two nights of the week- Woooohoooo.)

But nevertheless, I feel as though a chapter in this book has been closed shut.
It marks the end of my time being pregnant and getting to know my newborn baby.
Every day I see little E losing more of her little baby features and slowly but surely morph into a little tot. Where's Bernard's Watch when you need it, eh?
I am the most nostalgic of people, and looking back through pictures, cards and messages, I can honestly say it has been the best year and a half of our lives.
Nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared us for this chapter of our lives
A journey that has been filled with smiles, tears by the bucketload, laughter, uncertainty, frustration and sheer happiness.
It has taught us so much and made us re-evaluate almost everything in life.
It has been change after change after change, we've experienced the very best and worst of times and we've came to the conclusion that we're far stronger together than we are apart.
Now it's time to settle down into a proper routine and get back to some sense of normality,converse with adults on topics other than teething and sleeping routines, and more importantly ,leave the house on my own and learn how to walk again without a pram.
Honestly, what am I meant to do with my hands?.. am I walking weird?.. I need something to hold.

Thank you for a wonderful nine months, maternity leave.
We had some great times together.

                    Things I've learnt during Maternity Leave:

-Invest in the comfiest of loungewear.
-Embrace wearing pjammas all day long, You'll never have another chance to get away with it.
-The house can wait. It really can, enjoy the time being cocooned up with your baby.
-It will feel so incredibly amazing to fit back into your old clothes after recycling the same three maternity outfits. You'll feel like Carrie Bradshaw for the best part of a week....
-Although you'll wish that all jeans came with a stretchy waistband.
-Accept the fact that your body will not automatically bounce back days after birth. Give your body time to adjust to all the changes it's been through. And talking from experience, those stretch marks that you think will never fade, do. Give your body a break, give it some time.
-Take pictures, capture precious moments, fill the baby books! It's unbelievable how quickly babies grow and develop you'll not remember your little one ever being that small. It's always lovely to have photographs to look back on.
-Accept help - You'll be a better mum when you're feeling on top of things! Even a quick shower while Granny's nursing the baby downstairs can make you feel a million times better. 
-Don't feel guilty  for spending the night away from your baby, no doubt they are being absolutely showered with kisses and cuddles by your loved ones so you have no absolutely no reason to worry! 
-Accept the fact you are going to have some seriously shit days, days when nothing seems to go right and all sense of routine goes out the window. 
Deep breaths. Tomorrow is a new day.
-When you're at breaking point from lack of sleep, remember it does get easier. Your body will adjust.
-Treat yourself to some new clothes. It's most likely been a while.
-If you have any doubts, don't be afraid to contact your health visitor/doctor. Don't let anyone make you feel melodramatic. You know your baby best. Stay off Google
-Make plans, try and get out of the house for a little while every day- even if it's just a trip to the shop for a galaxy bar for a cup of tea.
-But don't beat yourself up if you don't make it out of the house, sometimes a pjamma day is just what you and little one will need to rest and recharge your batteries. (Just keep kids tv to a minimum or you're brain will quite literally turn to mush)
-Talk to other mums who will be able to relate to everything you're going through.. they make perfect bitching partners. 
-If you aren't in contact with other mums there are plenty of forums online (such as Netmums) which contains hundreds of chat topics you can join in on. Ask anything under the sun and someone out there is bound to reply, remember you are not alone. The questions I asked during Eva's first week on reflection make me cringe but hey,they don't come with a manual. There is no question too stupid to ask..
-It really is a 24/7 job. One you don't get to grab your coat and leave from on a Friday afternoon,  so rest whenever you can. Eva is nearly eight months old and I'm starting to nap when she does (I know, I know. I wanted to physically attack anyone who told me to 'Sleep when baby sleeps!' at the beginning. but when you're that tired, you just do what you have to do.
-Keep in contact with old friends, go for drinks on a Tuesday night.. when was the last time you were able to do this during the working week?
--Savour the time you have with your baby! There's times our routine can feel a little mundane but I remind myself that these moments are fleeting. There will a time in the future when she'll not want to snuggle up in bed with me, or be with me every waking moment. Maternity leave is over in a flash! Take a pause, savour the kisses and cuddles and remember during those often draining 3am nightfeeds that one day you might look back and (quite possibly) miss them!.


Sunday, 17 May 2015

The 'T' Word..

Pre baby I knew nothing on the subject of teething. Absolutely nothing.
 I'd often read status's on Facebook, people telling of their little loves cutting teeth
and to be honest I hadn't the faintest idea what they were talking about, cutting teeth was a phrase so incredibly foreign to me.
Seven months into parenthood and i've come to the conclusion that teething is yet another one of those unspoken things that we keep hush hush, only to be discussed with fellow members of the Mum Club. If discussed to childless women in too much detail, right down to the nitty gritty, people wouldn't willingly reproduce any more.
OK, that's maybe a little melodramatic, but you get my point.
Teething is horrendous.

It seems to strike when all is going swimmingly, when you're finally getting the hang of the weird and wonderful world of parenthood. You've established a good routine, your baby is no longer a complete stranger, you know them inside out and recognise all their little signals- hungry, overtired, overstimulated, restless, bored etc etc etc
When out of nowhere you're suddenly mothering the spawn of Satan. 
That handy wee routine you had going is out the window, you're back to seeing every hour on the clock and experiencing random bouts of manic wailing while poor Sophie La Giraffe is being ruthlessly decapitated.
It suddenly makes so much sense why they're so accurately named 'dribble bibs'- How can such a tiny human produce so much salivia?! Everything in your baby's eye line becomes chewable, the tv remote, their comforter, your knuckles! The teething nappies that the 'experts' claim are myth, are in fact real and those little scarlet cheeks are so hot you could probably cook your eggs off them. (But isn't there something outrageously cute about them?!)

Teething in my opinion, is horrific for all involved.There is nothing worse than witnessing your little one in pain, especially when they can't vocally communicate what the problem is,
which is why it's a good idea to stock the cupboards with remedies for when teething strikes.
 Little E has had her fair share of horrendous nights due to teething (the days tend to be more manageable as she can be easily distracted with toys/sights and sounds around her) We've tried and tested lots of different products over the last few months and to be honest, we haven't found a Holy Grail product, nothing has eliminated the pain completely - it's just been a matter of perseverance, a positive mind frame (keep reminding yourself that it won't last forever...tomorrow will be a better day) and shower them with lots of cuddles and TLC.
Although we haven't found a miracle product, yet,  there have been plenty that have definitely helped, which i've discussed below.

Dentinox teething gel: Dentinox was the very first teething remedy we came across in Boots and decided to give it a go, it's gel based, sugar free and suitable to use from birth. It has a minty unoffensive taste and works by numbing the pain of the gums as well as eliminating potential infection. t's easy to administer, just a dab on the gums with a clean, damp finger.
Pros: Temporarily numbs the pain, can be repeated after 20 minutes, a pleasant, sugar free taste. Inexpensive and widely available.( A friend told me she's spotted it in a pound shop!)
Cons: Not a long lasting pain relief, it tends to slide off the gums quite easily. Doesn't tend to be as effective at night when teething pain seems to intensify.
Similar products: Baby Bonjela, Calgel, Nelson's Teetha gel, Boots own brand.

Anbesol Liquid: When Eva first starting showing signs of teething Anbesol was recommended to me the most by other mums, I honestly don't know why we didn't pick it up sooner. After a hunt around my local Boots I discovered it was kept behind the counter and the lovely customer advisor told me that their head pharmacist swears by the stuff and uses it on her own babies. Anbesol contains a local anesthetic and numbs the affected area and can be used by all ages for many different problems for example: Ulcers, denture irritation, toothache.  It is a great deal stronger than your average teething gel and being a liquid I find it absorbs into the gums giving it more staying power.
Pros: A stronger alternative when baby is having a particularly bad teething day. I've tried it on my own gums and was taken back by how well it actually numbs the area.
Cons: Slightly more costly than gels/granules  (Anbesol is priced at £5.59) however, a little goes a long way. It has a  stronger, more unpleasant taste - not for everybody- Stuart despises the stuff and personally won't use it on Eva- saying it's too strong, where as I prefer to use it on bad days and find it effective! Each to their own, eh?

Teething Granules: Like many teething remedies, teething granules can be a bit of a Marmite product. Being homeopathic there is speculation on whether they do anything at all to aid the pain of teething. As there is absolutely no scientific proof that they do anything at all, it takes a bit of trial and error to see how your baby responds to them, but generally speaking we've always had a good experience  and tend to reach for the granules first when teething strikes, simply as they're a more natural alternative. Teething powders/granules come in boxes of individual sachets and can be poured straight into baby's mouth or rubbed around the gums with a clean, damp finger.

We prefer to use Nelson's Teetha but have also used Ashton and Parsons as well as Boots own in the past and to be completely honest I wouldn't say there's a great deal of difference between them, 'Teetha' just seems to be more available in our local supermarkets and chemists so that's why we pick it up!
Pros: A more natural alternative and side effective free. As they come in small sachets they are perfect for carrying in the side pocket of a changing bag.
Cons: Do they really work?, no one knows!
Similar products: Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders, Boots Teething Pain Relief.

Infant Nurofen/Calpol: Ol' trusty Calpol. We've all been subjected to the sickly, sweet taste of Calpol at some stage in our lives, haven't we? and even though generations have passed, Calpol still seems to be the go-to solution in the medicine cupboard - It's been modernised slightly - they've finally ditched the little white plastic spoon  (which always seemed to crack) and been replaced with a syringe device that left me highly confused the first time I went to use it, I shamefully had to read the instructions.. #mummyfail.
I reserve Calpol for more severe bouts of teething as it contains paracetamol but find it extremely effective, particularly at night time when the pain seems to flare up. We recently swapped Calpol for Infant Nurofen after a recommendation from another mummy and I have to say I prefer it. Nurofen is Ibruofen based (where as Calpol is Paracetamol based) What's the difference you ask? I had no idea until I read up on the Calpol website

'As a painkiller, paracetamol is thought to block the production of certain substances in your body when you are ill or hurt to make your body block the pain signals to your brain'

'Ibuprofen is a different sort of drug from paracetamol. When someone is unwell their body may produce certain chemicals which cause inflammation and pain. Ibuprofen can block the production of those chemicals to help reduce pain and is also an anti-inflammatory drug.'

I swear i'm not being sponsored by Calpol, I'm just an paranoid mummy who likes to do her research... promise!.

Pros: Not only aids with teething pain,but lowers temperature/earache/post immunisation fever - a must-have in the medicine cupboard. Has a pleasant Strawberry flavour. Can be used from two months old and is available in sachet form - fantastic for the baby bag- no more hauling about a sticky glass bottle!
Cons: After the first dose it is recommended to leave between 4-6 hours before the next, a long ol' day if those gums are particularly inflamed!
Similar Products: Boots Paracetamol 3 months plus/ Boots Ibuprofen 3 months plus.

Sometimes you just don't want to give your baby medicines, for whatever reason and there is plenty of other teething aids to rely on.

Sophie La Giraffe: A major cult product but really does help those little gums. She is made from natural rubber,  the perfect shape for baby to hold on to and has lots of different grooves for baby to get his/her mouth around. Also lets not glaze over the fact that Sophie is  ridiculously cute.

Teething Rings: Are great for popping in the fridge or freezer (check instructions first though!) to soothe and stimulate those sore little gums. There are so many different brands to use from but  I find Nuby to be a reliable brand- their products are brightly coloured and are BPA free.

Tommee Tippee Gummy Teether: It took Eva ages to get used to this little contraption but she's coming around to the idea of it! Stuart simply places it into her mouth (and holds it) while Eva chomps down on the hard ridged rubber - A couple of minutes with it and it takes the edge off the pain. It's like a little mouthguard!

Toothbrush: I read somewhere to lightly massage your baby's gums with the head of a (new, clean) baby toothbrush to stimulate and soothe gums. We purchased a Baby Oral kit from Mothercare during my pregnancy which came with 3 different bits: a gum massager, a 'finger' toothbrush and a larger toddler brush. It's came in quite handy but you can always use a clean, damp finger and massage the gums yourself.

Food: Recently i've been buying carrot battons and melon slices for Eva to chew on.. I keep them in the fridge so they're nice and chilled and she loves gnawing away on them, even if she doesn't eat them it really soothes the gums and acts as a great distraction from the pain. If your baby is too young to be dabbling with finger foods unaided I highly reccomend the Nuby Nibber net. Stuart came home with this handy contraption from Tescos when we first started introducing finger foods but were over paranoid of her choking.

You simply place a piece of food in the net and screw the little lid around. The food is locked in there and baby can work away sucking the food through the net.. You could place chilled fruit such as strawberries, mango, melon.. etc! However, have baby wipes at the ready and expect mess. Lots of mess.

These are just a few of my personal favourites and are all my own opinions, I haven't been approached or paid by any brands to feature any products, it's just been a great deal of trial and error over the last few months.

Is there anything in particular that you use for teething??
I can't get my head around Amber necklaces/anklets.. has anyone tried one?


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Mummy & Baby loves

Standing: I didn't see my daughter for two days and I come home to find her pulling herself up and standing. Agggh!
Didn't we just take her home from the hospital?
I thought having a newborn was hard, and it is and it was (there were plenty of tears, emotional outbursts, google searches and SOS calls to mum) but this phase takes the award for the most challenging to date.
There has been many a face plant, bumps to the head, and my heart beat is quicker than having drank five Red Bulls simultaneously. 
As much as it absolutely terrifies me and our house has had to be stripped down to
the bare necessities (No glass vases/candle holders/ceramics..)
 I am loving seeing her up on her feet, the sheer determination on her face and the great big smile when she achieves it!
It's yet another reminder that they really do not stay little babies for too long and to cherish every milestone.
Weekend Away:
I had originally booked my flights to Scotland assuming my dad would be out of hospital by the weekend. I had visions of playing a modern day Mother Teresa  making tea,restocking the cupboards and cleaning around the flat while he caught up from all the sleep lost in hospital. 
Isn't sleeping in a hospital like trying to sleep on a plane? It's that same semi-conscious state were you're aware of everything going on but too tired to care.
Unfortunately after a few set backs he was still there when I touched down on Friday evening.
 It was however the first time in years that the three of us (My dad, brother and I) have spent any kind of time together alone.
 With all three of us living in different countries, busy with work and life in general  it's a real rarity that we're all in the same place at the same time - Usually one of us is rushing back for a train, boat or plane.
It gave me a much needed kick up the backside and I realised that I should be investing more of my time with them - Laughing, reminiscing, with a constant stream of inside jokes. While I was disappointed I didn't get to see a lot of my dad, I left knowing I would never leave it that long without a visit ever again.
Eating Out: Back at home we're stuck in a bit of a restaurant rut.
"You decide" '
I alwaaaaays decide!'
The debate is a vicious cycle until it results in a takeaway.
Which is why I was delighted to try out some new places whilst in Glasgow.
There was once a time when i'd make regular visits to the city and was quite familiar 
with many of the eateries it has to offer, but not having visited in the last two years, I was amazed to find so much has changed and my brother had to play the unofficial tour guide to this little lost sheep.
We ventured into Bills on Friday night, Drygate for Saturday lunch and a drink in the upstairs bar at Cafe Gandolfi. 
It made a much welcomed change from Two for Tuesdays.
Coffee dates: Recently we've been enjoying coffee dates,
They usually  take place at the weekend for a few hours while Eva is with her Grandparents. It's a nice hour or two were we switch off from everything around us, order coffees and be blissfully anti social. We bring books, or the laptop and enjoy a bit of quiet time in an otherwise very loud and busy week. It's amazing how even a hour of quiet can refresh you.
Anything personalized: I ordered this frame several weeks ago and I absolutely love it!  I ordered it from the Facebook page 'Lilac Rose Designs'  All her items are homemade and she was kind enough to give me a selection of colours and designs to choose from.
 I told her what I had in mind and she came up with this. I'm over the moon with it and wouldn't have came across her page had I not been trawling through pages on Instagram. It truly is my favourite app.
Now that Eva is seven months, she has little interest in many of her first toys,
 she is now fascinated with anything that moves/lights up/plays music. We took a trip to Smyths toys and bought her this Vtech Musical DJ Junior and she's been loving it-it is the first toy in ages that has held her attention for longer than five minutes! 
However one trip to Smyths and it has given us premature Christmas fear.
Children's toys are extortionately priced, we may start saving now for when she's old enough to compile a list!
Coming home to cuddles after a weekend apart. Is there anything more comforting? I'm so lucky that even at seven months old Eva still loves a good aul cuddle. Occasionally we enjoy an afternoon nap together and literally lay with our noses touching. I cherish these moments as I know they will not last forever! I hope she always remains as affectionate.


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

After being tv devotees the entire weekend we decided to make the most of  Bank Holiday Monday and finally leave the comfort of the house. We didn't really have an excuse not to considering we'd been up from 7am tending to the tiny dictator that is Eva, and to be honest it seemed a bit pointless going back to bed considering we were now wide awake thanks to Peppa and her pals.  
As much as I would have loved to have just swanned around the house
 in pjs flicking between channels and devouring everything in the cupboards (the usual weekend caper) I knew we really should make the most of it. My Real Housewives Of New Jersey was on the sky planner, it would be there when I returned.

A couple of months ago the thought of a day trip would leave me feeling physically drained, what with all the packing and preparation that goes along with it. I learnt very early on that having a baby requires you to quickly adapt a 'Scout' mentality:

Always be prepared.
Spare clothes, extra food - Who knows what time we'll be home?! A dummy incase one goes AWOL (a no go for a long car journey) nappies, bibs, toys for distraction and car entertainment, extra layers incase it's cold - cardigan and blankets the teething essentials - Teetha & Anbesol. And breathe....
Babies are unpredictable as hell. Make all the plans you want but throw a bout of teething into the mix and your plans are doomed. Doomed!
To be perfectly honest it put me off going anywhere. Even a trip to town required forward planning.
Cheerio laid back, get up and go attitude. 
We had some really great times together.

Seven months have passed and we've calmed ourselves down, took the sticks out of our back sides and relaxed a little. We've condensed the contents of her changing bag down to the essentials and used our common sense. (We don't need to pack ten nappies... two packets of wipes and enough socks to last the week)

As first time parents we're always paranoid we were not doing it right, but the time passes the more we look back and laugh. 
We've learnt to improvise and have fed her in some ridiculous places and changed her nappy in some questionable positions in the back of the car. 
Day trips are beginning to become somewhat a breeze now we've learnt to relax a little. 
I'm jinxed now, aren't I?

We enjoyed a really lovely day driving around the Antrim coast stopping occasionally for photo opportunities (much to Stuart and Eva's disgust)  The sights were beautiful, the weather was great and more importantly, Eva cooperated with the plans! (It wasn't until later that night all hell broke loose and the spawn of Satan emerged..) It was such a lovely day, probably my favourite day that we've shared as a family so far and I'm so glad we managed to get out of our pjs and make some memories.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Questions I Ask Daily!

-Why is it seemingly impossible to take out just one baby wipe at a time?
-Why are they still manufacturing baby's clothes with awkward poppers/buttons at the back? Who is letting teenage boys design baby clothes?
-Why haven't my hormones settled down yet? and why am I still crying over TV adverts?

-What is my life about when i'm crying over a juice advert?

-Why do I spend all evening wishing my daughter would settle to sleep, only to want her to wake her for cuddles when she does?

-It's 2015, why isn't there some kind of contraption that holds your little one in place while you can change their nappy? 

-Why Is getting the consistency of baby rice/porridge right so damn hard? too little milk.. dries up into hard lumps, too much and i'm spoon feeding her milk.

-When I know i'll be up at 2, 3, 4, 5am do I still only make it into bed just before midnight?

-Why is David Hasselhoff reading bedtime stories on Cbeebies?

-How is it someone who can't even talk can make us laugh so much?

-Why does our daughter seem more interested in the bin liner poking out the edge of the kitchen bin than her colourful, music playing toys?

-Why does no one warn you it's not the labour/delivery you need to be scared about. It's the teething.

-Do I look at other women's prams before I look at their shoes/bags?

-On the subject of prams, why did I pick a ridiculously over priced, sturdy pram when all I want now is a cheap lightweight buggy?

-How come I'm not losing weight when i'm moving around more than I ever did?!

-But really, whats the Hoff doing on Cbeebies?

-When I declare a PJ day because it's dark and grey does it suddenly brighten up and leave me with severe mummy guilt for having us cooped up inside? 

-Do I wish for a little time alone, only to spend it flicking through photos of baby on my phone?!

-How can this tiny little human have such a strong grip? And why is it I find myself struggling to prize the Sky remote out of her mouth?

-Why can't I keep the formula spoon clean? and why when there's a holder does it always seem to get lost in a sea of powder?

-Why do I find Justin (Mr Tumble)  a little too creepy to be on kid's tv?'

-How is it we could have zero sleep, multiple screaming fits in the night  and the minute she flashes a little gummy smile, all is forgiven in an instant.

-On the subject of sleep, how is it she has chronic insomnia with us but sleeps like a dream at her Grandparent's house?!

-...And why is watching your baby sleep the ultimate beautiful sight? The pout.. the eyelashes.. ahhhhh.

-How do we both get as wet as each other at bath time?

-Why are all the old classics being modernised, I'm sure not how I feel about it. Noddy, Fireman Sam, Peter Rabbit...

-And why do children's tv have such  ridiculously catchy theme tunes?! Even my partner is singing them.
'Everything's Rosieee, Everrrythings Rosssieee'

- How comes it does matter how much space my baby has, she will always end up crawling into a corner to play with wires and cables.

- HOW does the time go by so quickly?

-What did we ever do without her???



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