Saturday, 9 April 2016

The last few weeks have been manic to say the very least. After being told we had 5 weeks to vacate the house we had grown to love so much ( the joys of private renting...) we had to make a quick move. What made it extra emotional was that we were leaving the first house we brought Eva home to after leaving the hospital.. but being realistic, everything makes me emotional these days.. i've already bawled my eyes out through the first episode of Britains Got Talent.. for someone who isn't an animal lover, dancing dogs seem to pull at my heart strings. Joking. Kind of. 
 Anyway, luckily on week four we found a house. Week four. Stressed to the max and with us both working, the Mr working days, me working nights, packing was very much a last minute affair and six weeks later we're still trying to locate particular items and we are still fighting about the missing utensil drawer.

There has been plenty of fighting, sleepless nights, unhealthy eating and not to mention three trips to the out of hours doctor during the night. We are painfully aware that we are now that family, the one the doctors and their receptionists roll their eyes at when they lift the phone and hear our name. 
With rashes and viral infections aside I feel we are just over the worst of it all, still it feels like one of us always seems to be swanning around the house, faux fur throw wrapped around our shoulders like something out of Game Of Thrones, lemsip in hand.
These colds seem to be never ending.

But i'm back, and ready to dedicate some time and love to our Blog :)


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