Thursday, 21 January 2016


'Describe blanket in three words?' I asked Stuart tonight, mockingly.
I wont even repeat his reply for it is far too explicit for my little family Blog.
But you get my point.
You see ,'Blanket' has been torturing us for several months now. It has become a third member of our family. Well, almost.
It accompanies us everywhere - we don't or rather, wouldn't, dare leave home without it, the consequences would be too great. 
We keep a mental note of it's whereabouts at all times, just like a small child, and it's accounted for at bed time which simply would not be the same without it, 
i'm talking World War 3. 

Now that Eva is talking, she has started to request Blanket. More often when she is tired, but lately it has been all the time, Tescos, the park, while eating breakfast....
I wouldn't have so much of a problem with her constant Blanket request if only Blanket was still pink, still fluffy, still hygienic looking. But the last fifteen months haven't been kind to Blanket and have worn it out until it looks nothing other than a dirty old tea towel.
One Eva insists on bringing everywhere with her.

Blanket wasn't always grey, it didn't always have holes and didn't always have it's own unique smell . My mum insists on washing it every time it frequents her house, and has to casually  ignore Eva's requests for it while it spins away blissfully in the washing machine. 

I can't help having a bit of a soft spot for Blanket. My own Grandma knitted it and it is the first item Eva became attached to. I'm partly to blame (or largely to blame, if you ask Stuart) for the obsession, as I carted  it around with us from Eva was just weeks old. I'll happily admit, I might have  encouraged it at the very beginning.
I find it adorable when Eva calls out for Blanket and searches all the rooms upstairs until she finds it, I love how she keeps it in our bedroom drawer and I love how she runs her fingers through it and will bury her head into it when she's tired.
And equally, I love how much Stuart detests it- It is hilarious.
What I don't love however is how rapidly it's turning a shade of charcoal grey.

After a visit from my Grandma who said 'I'll never knit with grey wool again'  (It was in fact once pink) she said she would knit a replica in the exact wool. And she went away, and she did, and how naive were we to think she would be fooled?! 
Not a chance.

Who knows what the future has in store for Blanket, but for now, I can't see it going anywhere but Eva's arms anytime soon- well, except Nana's washing machine.

Does your little one have a comfort toy/blanket?! Please share any stories/experiences I would love to read them!



  1. Our tradition is a panda soft toy which is given to the females of our family on their first birthdays. I have one too but have no idea where it is. My eldest's is looking rather bedraggled. My middle daughter goes everywhere with hers but my youngest, 15 months too, isn't really interested.

    1. Awwh that tradition is lovely! I would love to start a tradition- I must give it some thought. That's so funny the little one isn't interested! xxx


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