Monday, 5 October 2015

Happy 1st Birthday!

My  little Eva,

Today is your very first Birthday.  Yes, it has been a  whole year since we welcomed you into the world.

Born at 3.46 am, the midwife told me afterwards to try and get some rest, but how could I? I couldn't keep my eyes off you, not for one single second!
I held on to your tiny, wrinkly fingers our first night together and was in absolute awe of you. 
You were instantly forgiven for the heartburn, all the little aches and pains and the constant rib kicking- even in the womb I knew you were going to be one active baby.
I looked at you and couldn't help but smile through the exhaustion and took photos of your every move!  I have the thousands of photos to prove it.
 Even in the weeks that followed, when I was recovering both physically and mentally I was just so happy that you were finally here. 41 weeks had felt like a lifetime to wait- there were times I was adamant that you weren't ever going to arrive!

Your Daddy and I had spent nine months trying to prepare physically and mentally for your arrival. We changed our car, we moved house, we read countless books, websites and sought advice from other people trying to fill our brains with us much information as possible to be the best parents we could be. But it turns out you were pretty easy to keep happy, as long as you had a good supply of milk, cuddles on demand and a lovely big bed to nap on. Yes, I said bed! -You've never been a fan of your moses basket, bouncer or cot for that matter but that is a story for a different day, and one that you will hear on repeat for years upon years, especially if i've had a glass of wine or three.

Daddy went back to work after a fortnight and we were suddenly on our own during the day, just us.

We spent many months trying to figure each other out and establish a routine. You've taught me to be selfless- For a start frequent hair washing went out the window, hello dry shampoo. You've taught me to be patient- your feeds and naps don't run like clockwork. Plans have been cancelled when we haven't slept quite well or you have been cutting a tooth. It has been a massive adjustment but one that is made all worthwhile when you smile, laugh or say something funny and completely out of the blue.

Watching your little personality emerge has been an absolute blessing and you amaze us more with each passing day. We are ridiculously proud of all your little achievements from starting to walk and saying your very first words (even if we hear the word 'Peppa' all day, every day)
 Thank you for the best year of our lives, little one, for bringing so much joy to not only us, but our family and friends. 

Our biggest surprise, our biggest blessing.

Mummy and Daddy xxx


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