Saturday, 19 September 2015

Why I Blog.

I've always been a bit of a life documenter, my partner thinks that i'm simply just a hoarder, but I tend to think of hoarders as grey haired, bushy bearded , trucker hat wearing men. I confidently assure him that I love capturing and keeping memories to look back on and that one day, he will thank me. If there's a memory associated with something, i'll keep it. Our book shelf is home to memory boxes full of postcards and plane tickets, letters and birthday cards, receipts, photographs, whiskey labels- Everything. I guess you could say I've inherited this personality trait from my own mum who has kept every single one of my brother and my school reports- even the not so pleasing ones
....Bascially, being the memory keeping hoarder that I am (there,  I said it) is how A New Mum Without A Manual came about.

Back in January 2015 I logged on to Blogger and set up an account. Eva was just three months old, Stuart was well back into his work routine  and I was at home with a little baby trying to establish some kind of routine, all while trying to master challenging tasks such as drinking coffee while it was still hot, getting dressed before This Morning ended, and trying to help my baby nap longer than 15 minutes at a time. I used whatever 'spare time' I had to document what was going on in our lives at the time, spare time that I probably should have invested into maintaining my  bushy brows or eating something other than old trusty, toast, but nevertheless I wanted to jot down things to read back on in years to come, time seems to have been put on permanent fast forward since Eva arrived into the world and I don't want to forget a thing!

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to write as honestly as I could, that I wouldn't sugarcoat anything. I wanted to reassure anyone who might be reading that there are those Superwomen who are  straight back into their skinny jeans days after delivery and their lives appear to have resumed as normal but on the  other side of the spectrum are women who spend the first six weeks in their pjammas, seeing more of the Postman than they do their own friends- and for every well rested woman with a 7pm-7am sleeping baby, there will be one who is pacing the landing floor at three o'clock, four o'clock who are  depending (quite heavily) on coffee and dry shampoo to see them through.
After all, everyone is different and I think it's important to embrace it!

I came across Hannah Maggs on Youtube during the later stages of my own pregnancy. In one particular (beautifully shot) video 'My Pregnancy Summary' she says
'Imagine putting everything you love about your life into a box, then burn the box'

While I had an enjoyable, relatively easy pregnancy I felt really inspired by her honesty and I know that there will be women out there watching it feeling relieved to hear someone else say it out loud. We live in a world were society tells us we have to enjoy pregnancy, there is a romanticized idea what about what it should be like, and that just isn't the case for a lot of women.
I feel it is so important to talk about the ups and downs.

It really opened my eyes to the honest side of parenting and they are always the kinds of Blogs, Instagram feeds, Youtube channels that I naturally gravitate towards and have consequently inspired me with my own blog A New Mum Without A Manual. These tend to be the one's that make light of the shitty times.  Quite Literally. And help me see the humorous side of things. 
The Unmumsy Mum is hilarious at this and definitely worth a read!

 Most importantly I have loved reading back through my 'online baby book' and see the changes that we've gone through and there have been so flippin many. Eva is very nearly a year old and i've managed to capture it all. The smiles and laughs, the tears and sleep deprivation, the sleepless nights, the piles of washing by the machine, last nights dishes by the sink. Our first family trip to the beach, the first night she slept in her cot, and in two short weeks, her very first Birthday.
To me,  that's what A New Mum Without A Manual is all about. 



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