Monday, 7 September 2015

Party Planning

...And we're in the month of September. Oh, Stopppp.
Saying that, it really is beginning to feel a little chillier outside, the nights are undoubtedly getting shorter and I have this compulsive urge to wear my Primark's best fluffy socks no matter what time of day it is.
I love September. I love the obvious change in the season, the fact that no matter how dark, dull and gloomy the days are, we are treated to some beautiful evening sunsets. I love finally be able to wear tights and snoods and dig out my trusty Topshop Chelsea boots for the third year running, and let's be honest, the realisation that it won't be long before i'm blowing the dust of my 'Home Alone' box set and embracing life in my lamb onesie.

I'm feeling particularly reflective this September and at times maybe a little emotional, OK, quite a bit emotional. This time last year we were eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little lady. A whole year ago. 

Due on September 25th, little one kept us waiting into October and after listening to wise 'all knowing' friends, families,  even strangers in work that judging by my bump  I was definitely going to go early. I was late. A flippin' week late.
I sobbed as my (countless) baby apps were telling me 'Your baby is now a week old' when in reality I was still uncomfortably waddling about with my hand constantly lost in a bag of pickled onion Space Raiders, not a baby in sight.
The pram had been built up for months, my hospital bag had been packed and then repacked a thousand times over. I'd gone past the stage of fearing labour and to be honest, it felt as though she was never going to grace us with her presence. I struggled to raise a smile when people asked me if there was any sign of baby, this is when Stuart considerately stepped in with the aul 'Baby will come when she's ready!' line. And thank Goodness he did or I would have most likely been delivering in a women's prison. Joking. Kind of.

My baby girl is one years old next month and I literally can't grasp how quickly these little humans grow. It honestly baffles me more  as the weeks go on. She's climbing and running, repeating words and feeding herself, she has emotional breakdowns when I close her favourite book or restrain her from climbing into the dish washer. She has her own favourite tv programmes for crying out loud! Somebody pass me a box of Kleenex to sob into.

I have spent the last few weeks trawling through pinterest looking for ideas for Eva's Birthday and 
have spent many a day waiting ( rather impatiently) at home for the postman arriving with Amazon parcels- So much so I signed up to Prime- D'oh!. Stuart has reminded me at times that 'You are not planning a wedding Sarah, it's a First Birthday' and while that is true. Very true. I can't help getting carried away, I want to have the best day possible. And who doesn't want the best for their little ones,eh?

 Below are just a few snaps of some of the bits i've started collecting for the party and gifts we have purchased for her.

Princess pop up castle £34.99 from Puregadgets on Amazon.

Monkey Strike bowling skittles by Chicco £14.99 Toys 'R' Us

Pretty pink popper- Bright starts £24.99 Argos
Mega Bloks pink buildable bag 60 pieces £9.99 Amazon 

Cupcake trial! using Queen Of Cakes disposable icing bags and Wilton Number 1M carded Open Star Tip. Sprinkles from B&M 

Sweetie cone sweets! Hannah's Candy Ice Cream cones 500g bag. (Amazon seller- Chocolate Buttons)
Millions 500g (Amazon seller- Treattown)
Flying Saucers x 100 (Amazon seller-FizzyIzzySweets)

Marshmallows, white cooking chocolate and sprinkles all purchased in Tescos.

For baking equipment/Cellophane bags, Icing nozzles, piping bags etc: Amazon
For cupcake sprinkles/icing/food colouring/flavours Sainsburys and Tescos have a great section.
For party pieces such as napkins, cups, cupcake wrappers, boxes, cakestands... you name it, Home Bargains will have it. Saturdays is all about Home Bargains. (Could I sound any more mumsy if I tried?)
For drinks and sweets (sweetie cone fillers) I knew I wanted to buy in bulk for making up my sweetie cones so I ordered from Sweet sellers on Amazon to save me money in the long run but for sweets and treats for the table I found B&M bargains and general pound shops fantastic for value and they offered a great selection.
For toys:  Stuart and I spent an evening in Toys 'R' Us looking for inspiration. We took note of what we thought Eva would love and were able to get a feel for the products. After googling some of the products we found them cheaper in Argos and Amazon so sometimes it really is worth shopping around for the best prices.

I plan to do a few blog posts regarding party planning/gift ideas for a 1 year old so if you have any ideas, please share them with me I would love to hear!


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