Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Money Saving

  • Baby events: That lovely time of the year when the big supermarkets slash the prices on hundreds of baby products in store. Several are held within the year and are worth checking out if you are a parent/expectant parent and are collecting bits and pieces for baby. Once you start bulk buying boxes of discounted wipes (£7.80 for a box of 12 Johnston's wipes) I guarantee you'll refuse to spend £1 on one packet ever again!. You can find  everything from clothing, baby bath and skin products, bouncers, walkers and strollers to medicines and teething remedies. Literally everything baby related. 
  • Sign up for a Tescos clubcard: We are raking in the points from our weekly shop (Money off prosecco- woohoo) and being sent out multiple £1.50 off baby milk coupons. Every little helps, right?
  • Buy gender neutral colours if you plan on future babies! After being handed our 'pink' bag at the gender scan it was hard not to go out and splash out on all the pastel pinks in sight!, but we do hope for another baby in the future and we really tried keeping all the big items (pram, bouncer, high chair, stroller) gender neutral, just to save a little money down the line.
  • Baby Clubs: You'll receive emails informing you of when baby events are being held and often a sneak peak at the offers or sale previews. Boots parenting club sends out personalised offers targeted at your baby's age and based on your regular spends, 10 points for every £1 spent and emails informing you of up to date offers that may be of interest. Early Centre have a 'big Birthday club' which you can sign up to for gift ideas catered to your little one's age and a 20% discount on a full price product around the time of their Birthday! Google 'baby club' and hundreds will pop up from big stores (and brands)  such as Tesco, Asda, Heinz, SMA, Johnsons to name a few. They are definitely worth checking out- the only downside being the horrendous amount of emails that come along with them.
  • Amazon: Before making baby purchases in  store it's worth checking on Amazon to see if you can get it any cheaper. (That is if you can be bothered with waiting around for the postman on a daily basis- saying that, knowing the postman was arriving gave me the kick up the backside I needed to get  bump and I up out of bed during maternity leave!) There are so many savings to be made. We purchased my pregnancy pillow, fetal dopler and Bump To Birthday journal on Amazon for next to nothing and purchased boxes of 12 Johnston's wipes (£8 for 12 packets + free delivery) every few weeks. During the early months we also bulk purchased Pamper's nappies- when Tescos weren't running their 2 for £15 offer. It really is the online market place and sells every product you can think of from thousands of well known brands. Particularly worth checking out for first toys (Lamaze, Bright Starts, Fisher-Price - I now refuse to pay the prices in the likes of Mothercare/Toys 'R' Us unless I find an absolute bargain!)  Also good for the likes of books (brand new and second hand for as little as 99p!) and big baby purchases like changing bags and baby walkers. Search anything and they're likely to stock it.
  • Don't be afraid to take what people offer you:  Pre baby I was a bit of a self confessed snob, It was our first baby and a part of me really preferred to have everything brand new- even though our budget was pretty much stretched to it's capacity by the end of our pregnancy! A lot of my mum's friends/colleagues were so incredibly generous and passed down lots of bits and pieces  such as a feeding pillow, a play ring and door bouncer to name a few! You will probably find these are the products that you yourself don't use for too long either and will be glad that you didn't spend on- they will also be happy that these items didn't go to waste!
  • Make use of Gumtree/Buy And Sell sites: Again these kinds of pages/sites are totally worth checking out if you are looking a baby bargain. You can save hundreds on prams, many being for sale for reasons such as they've had to change to a double buggy or the baby didn't take to it and prefered a stroller from the start! You can arrange a viewing before you buy if you want to check out the condition, but the majority of the time you will find that they have only been used several times and the owner wants to get back a bit of the money they paid for it.  We wanted two moses baskets, one for upstairs and one for downstairs and so bought one from a buy and sell site for £15. It was a Clair de Lune which came with a wooden stand that together retails for over £60 in the shops. My mum steam cleaned it and purchased a new mattress and sheets and it was as good as new- and perfect for all the time she was in it (two months) We also bought our baby monitors from the same site for a fraction of the price and the woman selling them added in a Gro egg room thermometer for free which you'll pay £15.00 in Mothercare. 
  • Flog your own: Finished with your own baby items/clothes? sort them into sizes and sell them in bundles on these sites, just make sure they're clean and in good condition first.
  • Think before you buy: Do you really need it? Yes little baby shoes are adorable! but realistically your baby doesn't need them until he/she is walking- socks are just fine!.  Again a bottle warmer is a great little gadget but it isn't an essential.  If you have a bath, purchase a foam support so you don't need to spend on a baby bath and don't feel you have to buy the most expensive baby monitor on the market -we personally have the most basic monitor and it does the job just fine (not to mention the fact, on or off we can hear her wherever we are in the house anyway!) If you aren't too sure on a product, wait until your baby is here and see how you get on without it first.
  • Visit outlets: If you live near any shopping outlets they are certainly worth a visit. Although they are notoriously hit or miss. you're bound to come home with something even if it's a bag full of 50% off bargains in Baby Gap!
  • Find out if you are eligible for any extra help: You don't have to be out of work or have a disability to receive benefits. If your household income is £26,000 or under (with one child) or £32,000 (with two) you may well be eligible for extra help.Try the child tax credits calculator to see what you could be entitled to. Tax credits calculator


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