Thursday, 25 June 2015

(Almost) nine months.

-We are currently brainstorming ideas for Eva's first Birthday at the start of October . Ahhhh!  It is only when I see her next to friend's newborn babies does it  really sink in that she's not the little tiny baby I still like to believe she is. Recently we've boxed up lots of little E's newborn bits (mitts, first toys, clothes, bottles) and came to terms that  the newborn chapter is well and truly over.
 That being said i'm so excited to get planning Eva's first Birthday and all that comes along with mothering a one year old!. 
More challenges, firsts, laughs and memories.

A new (ten thousand square ft!) Mothercare recently opened in our hometown with an impressive Early Learning Centre inside so we'll probably take a visit for some gift inspiration, but we are both set on buying her a SmarTrike, as this little lady is Anti car seat/pram/stroller. A SmarTrike will give her a lot more freedom and (hopefully) make trips out anywhere fuss free!
I've also been browsing on Party Pieces  and Party Delights for party supplies, but have found that Amazon is just as good (and often so much cheaper!)

-Lately the tantrums are make teething look like a walk in the park. I clearly missed the memo that tantrums could occur so early on! Is this a taster of the Terrible Twos? If so , I may start stocking the fridge with wine right away. (Joking- kind of)
Regardless, she definitely wins the award for Queen of the tantrums. I'd like to say she didn't inherit that from me, but something in the back of my mind tells me otherwise. 

At the moment it's complete refusal to sitting in her stroller, several times i've had to trek the half an hour walk back from town with a baby over one shoulder and the stroller in the other.There has been many a fearful moment when I thought I was going to drop her (I can only describe it like hauling around a big sack of potatoes), no need to take up those gym sessions, those mummy muscles are coming along nicely! A kind lady actually helped me put the key in the front door the other day when she seen me struggling. Faith in humanity restored! Honestly it's the little things like this which make me happy for the rest of the day. 

I've been that mummy this week, you know the one with the baby that won't stop crying in the queue in Boots? And let me tell you this, never again will I fire a disapproving look that mother's way. That's the mum that needs a reassuring smile the very most. She's the one who's feeling a little under the weather and a bit deflated, the very one that doesn't need a sea of spectators judging her, she does that enough to herself. 

-Speaking of teething it's peaked dramatically this week so I found myself once again in the Chemist searching the shelves for products we have yet to try. I picked up Nelson's 'Teetha' gel as we're fans of the granules and so far, so good. We're still rotating between Calpol and Nurofen, Anbesol for the challenging days and using her Nuby teething toys!. Eva still only has her two bottom teeth but with lots of broken sleep lately, we reckon one is around the corner. SOS.

We are really enjoying discovering everything around us, absolutely nothing goes unnoticed, from every little crumb on the kitchen floor, to the bin and not to mention the doorstop in the bathroom.  I know so many parent's who can vouch for this, but  it is so flippin' true. You can buy a baby the most expensive toys that 'Toys 'R' Us have in stock, but your baby will always  seem to gravitate to the least expensive, meaningless things.
Boxes, bubble wrap, shoes!
Little amuses the innocent.
(The latest hiding place, under the kitchen table)
On the subject of toys I recently sorted through Eva's over flowing toy box. She seems to have lost interest in a lot of her first toys. (Rattles, linky toys etc) and seems to only enjoy things with lights and play music. She loves her 'First smart phone' and ' Vtech Junior DJ'
That being said she still loves her stacking cups in the bath and the balls from her ball pit! 
She loves 'Waybuloo' on Cbeebies which brings a massive smile to her face, and anything that she can drum on... this week it has been a cake tin!. although it's usually shoes up against a window or keys against the wooden floor. There is nothing timid about this boisterous little lady!

Thank you little one for keeping us entertained , making us laugh at the silliest things. For reminding us that life is too short to worry about trivial things and to be patient, ever so patient. But more importantly for showing us love. 
Lots and lots of lovely love.


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