Friday, 1 May 2015

Questions I Ask Daily!

-Why is it seemingly impossible to take out just one baby wipe at a time?
-Why are they still manufacturing baby's clothes with awkward poppers/buttons at the back? Who is letting teenage boys design baby clothes?
-Why haven't my hormones settled down yet? and why am I still crying over TV adverts?

-What is my life about when i'm crying over a juice advert?

-Why do I spend all evening wishing my daughter would settle to sleep, only to want her to wake her for cuddles when she does?

-It's 2015, why isn't there some kind of contraption that holds your little one in place while you can change their nappy? 

-Why Is getting the consistency of baby rice/porridge right so damn hard? too little milk.. dries up into hard lumps, too much and i'm spoon feeding her milk.

-When I know i'll be up at 2, 3, 4, 5am do I still only make it into bed just before midnight?

-Why is David Hasselhoff reading bedtime stories on Cbeebies?

-How is it someone who can't even talk can make us laugh so much?

-Why does our daughter seem more interested in the bin liner poking out the edge of the kitchen bin than her colourful, music playing toys?

-Why does no one warn you it's not the labour/delivery you need to be scared about. It's the teething.

-Do I look at other women's prams before I look at their shoes/bags?

-On the subject of prams, why did I pick a ridiculously over priced, sturdy pram when all I want now is a cheap lightweight buggy?

-How come I'm not losing weight when i'm moving around more than I ever did?!

-But really, whats the Hoff doing on Cbeebies?

-When I declare a PJ day because it's dark and grey does it suddenly brighten up and leave me with severe mummy guilt for having us cooped up inside? 

-Do I wish for a little time alone, only to spend it flicking through photos of baby on my phone?!

-How can this tiny little human have such a strong grip? And why is it I find myself struggling to prize the Sky remote out of her mouth?

-Why can't I keep the formula spoon clean? and why when there's a holder does it always seem to get lost in a sea of powder?

-Why do I find Justin (Mr Tumble)  a little too creepy to be on kid's tv?'

-How is it we could have zero sleep, multiple screaming fits in the night  and the minute she flashes a little gummy smile, all is forgiven in an instant.

-On the subject of sleep, how is it she has chronic insomnia with us but sleeps like a dream at her Grandparent's house?!

-...And why is watching your baby sleep the ultimate beautiful sight? The pout.. the eyelashes.. ahhhhh.

-How do we both get as wet as each other at bath time?

-Why are all the old classics being modernised, I'm sure not how I feel about it. Noddy, Fireman Sam, Peter Rabbit...

-And why do children's tv have such  ridiculously catchy theme tunes?! Even my partner is singing them.
'Everything's Rosieee, Everrrythings Rosssieee'

- How comes it does matter how much space my baby has, she will always end up crawling into a corner to play with wires and cables.

- HOW does the time go by so quickly?

-What did we ever do without her???




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