Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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Standing: I didn't see my daughter for two days and I come home to find her pulling herself up and standing. Agggh!
Didn't we just take her home from the hospital?
I thought having a newborn was hard, and it is and it was (there were plenty of tears, emotional outbursts, google searches and SOS calls to mum) but this phase takes the award for the most challenging to date.
There has been many a face plant, bumps to the head, and my heart beat is quicker than having drank five Red Bulls simultaneously. 
As much as it absolutely terrifies me and our house has had to be stripped down to
the bare necessities (No glass vases/candle holders/ceramics..)
 I am loving seeing her up on her feet, the sheer determination on her face and the great big smile when she achieves it!
It's yet another reminder that they really do not stay little babies for too long and to cherish every milestone.
Weekend Away:
I had originally booked my flights to Scotland assuming my dad would be out of hospital by the weekend. I had visions of playing a modern day Mother Teresa  making tea,restocking the cupboards and cleaning around the flat while he caught up from all the sleep lost in hospital. 
Isn't sleeping in a hospital like trying to sleep on a plane? It's that same semi-conscious state were you're aware of everything going on but too tired to care.
Unfortunately after a few set backs he was still there when I touched down on Friday evening.
 It was however the first time in years that the three of us (My dad, brother and I) have spent any kind of time together alone.
 With all three of us living in different countries, busy with work and life in general  it's a real rarity that we're all in the same place at the same time - Usually one of us is rushing back for a train, boat or plane.
It gave me a much needed kick up the backside and I realised that I should be investing more of my time with them - Laughing, reminiscing, with a constant stream of inside jokes. While I was disappointed I didn't get to see a lot of my dad, I left knowing I would never leave it that long without a visit ever again.
Eating Out: Back at home we're stuck in a bit of a restaurant rut.
"You decide" '
I alwaaaaays decide!'
The debate is a vicious cycle until it results in a takeaway.
Which is why I was delighted to try out some new places whilst in Glasgow.
There was once a time when i'd make regular visits to the city and was quite familiar 
with many of the eateries it has to offer, but not having visited in the last two years, I was amazed to find so much has changed and my brother had to play the unofficial tour guide to this little lost sheep.
We ventured into Bills on Friday night, Drygate for Saturday lunch and a drink in the upstairs bar at Cafe Gandolfi. 
It made a much welcomed change from Two for Tuesdays.
Coffee dates: Recently we've been enjoying coffee dates,
They usually  take place at the weekend for a few hours while Eva is with her Grandparents. It's a nice hour or two were we switch off from everything around us, order coffees and be blissfully anti social. We bring books, or the laptop and enjoy a bit of quiet time in an otherwise very loud and busy week. It's amazing how even a hour of quiet can refresh you.
Anything personalized: I ordered this frame several weeks ago and I absolutely love it!  I ordered it from the Facebook page 'Lilac Rose Designs'  All her items are homemade and she was kind enough to give me a selection of colours and designs to choose from.
 I told her what I had in mind and she came up with this. I'm over the moon with it and wouldn't have came across her page had I not been trawling through pages on Instagram. It truly is my favourite app.
Now that Eva is seven months, she has little interest in many of her first toys,
 she is now fascinated with anything that moves/lights up/plays music. We took a trip to Smyths toys and bought her this Vtech Musical DJ Junior and she's been loving it-it is the first toy in ages that has held her attention for longer than five minutes! 
However one trip to Smyths and it has given us premature Christmas fear.
Children's toys are extortionately priced, we may start saving now for when she's old enough to compile a list!
Coming home to cuddles after a weekend apart. Is there anything more comforting? I'm so lucky that even at seven months old Eva still loves a good aul cuddle. Occasionally we enjoy an afternoon nap together and literally lay with our noses touching. I cherish these moments as I know they will not last forever! I hope she always remains as affectionate.


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