Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bank Holiday Monday

After being tv devotees the entire weekend we decided to make the most of  Bank Holiday Monday and finally leave the comfort of the house. We didn't really have an excuse not to considering we'd been up from 7am tending to the tiny dictator that is Eva, and to be honest it seemed a bit pointless going back to bed considering we were now wide awake thanks to Peppa and her pals.  
As much as I would have loved to have just swanned around the house
 in pjs flicking between channels and devouring everything in the cupboards (the usual weekend caper) I knew we really should make the most of it. My Real Housewives Of New Jersey was on the sky planner, it would be there when I returned.

A couple of months ago the thought of a day trip would leave me feeling physically drained, what with all the packing and preparation that goes along with it. I learnt very early on that having a baby requires you to quickly adapt a 'Scout' mentality:

Always be prepared.
Spare clothes, extra food - Who knows what time we'll be home?! A dummy incase one goes AWOL (a no go for a long car journey) nappies, bibs, toys for distraction and car entertainment, extra layers incase it's cold - cardigan and blankets the teething essentials - Teetha & Anbesol. And breathe....
Babies are unpredictable as hell. Make all the plans you want but throw a bout of teething into the mix and your plans are doomed. Doomed!
To be perfectly honest it put me off going anywhere. Even a trip to town required forward planning.
Cheerio laid back, get up and go attitude. 
We had some really great times together.

Seven months have passed and we've calmed ourselves down, took the sticks out of our back sides and relaxed a little. We've condensed the contents of her changing bag down to the essentials and used our common sense. (We don't need to pack ten nappies... two packets of wipes and enough socks to last the week)

As first time parents we're always paranoid we were not doing it right, but the time passes the more we look back and laugh. 
We've learnt to improvise and have fed her in some ridiculous places and changed her nappy in some questionable positions in the back of the car. 
Day trips are beginning to become somewhat a breeze now we've learnt to relax a little. 
I'm jinxed now, aren't I?

We enjoyed a really lovely day driving around the Antrim coast stopping occasionally for photo opportunities (much to Stuart and Eva's disgust)  The sights were beautiful, the weather was great and more importantly, Eva cooperated with the plans! (It wasn't until later that night all hell broke loose and the spawn of Satan emerged..) It was such a lovely day, probably my favourite day that we've shared as a family so far and I'm so glad we managed to get out of our pjs and make some memories.



  1. Can I pleaaaase request a blog post about how wonderful and lovely it is to be a mum?! Everything sounds so stressful and off-putting aghh!! I need to hear about the rainbows and sunshine no matter how unrealistic it may be lol :')xxxx

    1. I would but I wouldn't want to give Eva a fright if she ever becomes a mother and is raging at me for not telling her how hard it is!. The first night out I had after giving birth I asked my friend why she never told me certain things and she said 'I didn't want to spoil the fun!' I wish she'd spoilt the fun so I could have been a little more mentally prepared!
      It can be stressful and offputting but honestly I wouldn't have it any other way (except the sleep maybe.. I miss the sleep) and I'd happily have another in a few years- so it can't be that bad really! xxx

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  3. Ooh would love a post to women who are humming and haa-ing about having kiddies! That would be a cool read :)x


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