Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Eva's First Easter

Wow. Was that not the longest winter ever?? I have never been so glad to see the back of it, to be reunited with the sun, long light evenings and summer wardrobe (Ok, i'm being a little over optimistic, and it is only April, but having had to survive summer '14 heavily pregnant in not so flattering maternity wear, I am dying to get into clothes that don't make me look like a tent). That is after i've blown the dust off our crosstrainer which is currently being used as an extra clothes horse in the spare room, and burnt off all six easter eggs, two chinese takeaways and a bottle of Jim Beam that we've managed to consume over the holidays. Just as soon as i'd achieved my pre-baby weight, Christmas came around, followed by Easter. And i'm not the kinda girl to turn down food.
Eva was an October baby and from day one she lived in snow suits, it was an extremely wet and dark winter and by January we were suffering from major cabin fever having being cooped up in the house when the weather wasn't so good. It is amazing what good weather can do for your mood, sunshine is the best medicine. 
 I'm looking forward to getting more active with Eva and letting her explore outside! We are so ready for the summer.. barbecues, trips to the beach, zoo......... beer gardens! 
I've erased all memory of the non-alcoholic Kopparberg of last year and i'll be looking forward to stocking up the fridge for future bbqs.

I think out of the six months we've known Eva, this past week we have seen the most changes in her development which has been lovely as Stuart has been at home to witness it all.
Her first little tooth is in full view, she is making a fabulous attempt at crawling, (she is even practising her new found skills at bedtime, d'oh).
Several times this week Stuart or I have went into her room for a little check and she's been found at the opposite end of the cot, tucked away in the corner with her lanky legs hanging out the bars.

At the risk of sounding like i've aged 40 years, they really do not stay babies for long.
The other night Stuart sat down to watch a film and I decided to sort through Eva's clothes on the floor next to him, packing the smaller ones away into storage boxes.. just in case.
Bad idea.
The poor man constantly had to hit pause on his film and was subjected to
"Awwwwwwwh! look at this one", sobbing
and reminiscing about every.single.outfit.
'Remember she wore this coming from home hospital/her first walk etc etc'
If Eva was a half decent sleeper, I reckon we'd be extremely broody right about now.
It's just as well I am awakened several times in the night with spinal trauma from Eva's feet, it's a sure reminder we're far from ready for two. We're fighting for duvet as it is.
We had a lovely few days celebrating Easter together and our families amusingly bought Eva easter eggs. (Most likely as we took the huff when she received no selection boxes at Christmas-when  she was a mere 2 1/2 months.....)
We couldn't decide where to go on Easter Monday, and as the weather was unusually glorious for N.Ireland we knew we had to make the most of it.

We decided to visit the Argory in Co.Armagh where I had been on a school trip, well over fifteen years ago where we dressed up in victorian attire and got well into role play (I didn't tell him that...)  but after feeling inspired by Emma from (Life at the Little Wood) who visited a few weeks back, I thought it was the perfect place to go, and far less crowded than the seaside towns.
It was as beautiful as I remembered it being and there were plenty of walks, which came as a massive relief as we had to cut short the guided tour around the house as Eva decided to give off whilst the guide was explaining the house rules.
I left red faced, apologising with a screaming baby over my shoulder while Stuart said
"Get used to it, Sarah, this is the start of it"

We were made brutally aware that we are rookies to this family day out caper and we sat on a blanket that soaked up all the rain from the grass while everyone else in sight sat on pop up chairs with fold up tables. 
While they ate their sandwiches and salads from cooler bags and sipped on coffee from thermos flasks, Stuart had to ran up to the coffee shop to buy us lunch. 
I'll step up my mum game by summer...

So that was our first family Easter in a nutshell. Lots of outdoors, sunshine, chocolate, family gatherings, and lots of firsts with Eva!



  1. It certainly is the start. I have 3 daughters, my middle is called Eva :) and I still haven't upped my mum game!

  2. Aww, we were there today, with Mrs Heaney and her family! ;) It's so beautiful, your photos are gorgeous Sarah! I'm giggling at you not having the picnic malarkey sussed yet. It's only taken me nine years, but we finally managed a picnic lunch containing Cava today. I know, fancy!! Never mind that we spilt most of it on the Argory's beautifully manicured lawns. Damn plastic cups!! 😕 Happy Easter to your gorgeous wee family xx


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