Friday, 20 March 2015

My Pregnancy Facts

  • The day before I took a pregnancy test I was in the worst mood imaginable, I didn't want to get out of bed and felt ridiculously upset over absolutely nothing. We were walking around a shop and I was arguing with Stuart over everything under the sun. (Nothing new there says he...)
  • The next day I bought a pregnancy test, after circling the chemist three hundred and fifty times. I have no idea what possessed me to buy one, it was just an intense gut feeling- it is the strangest thing to describe!.
  • I was so fortunate not to experience any morning sickness at all, and was constantly paranoid about it. I had read morning sickness was a good sign and so was convinced something was wrong, this wasn't the case! (Stay off Google..) 
  • Foods I enjoyed were mashed potato/carrot, pickled onion crisps, Sprite Zero, iced caramel lattes, tuna and red onion and sausage sandwiches with ketchup- every shift in work.
  • Stuart bought me a 'Bump To Birthday' book so we could document our pregnancy. It is hilarious to read back on.
  • I took Pregnacare (supplements) the whole way through pregnancy.
  • I cried when the midwife phoned to tell me I'd showed up positive for Group B Strep.. (another big STAY AWAY from Google..) It didn't make my pregnancy or labour any different, I just had to have an IV of antibiotics every 4 hours that I laboured. I was still able to move about freely and use the birthing pool which I had read wouldn't be possible.
  • Having the cold whilst pregnant was the worst sickness i've ever experienced in all my life! I  literally thought I was dying.  I lived on a cocktail of hot water, lemon and cloves for two weeks and went to bed with vicks vapour rub on my feet.
  •  We had six scans in total. -The 12 week dating scan, 17 weeks or so after a fall down the stairs, 20 week anomaly scan x2 (we were asked if we would like to be guinea pigs for the new scanning equipment) our gender/3d preview and after a night in the maternity ward with an infection.
  • I really struggled to make out the scans!
  • The first time a midwife told me Eva was breach I came out of my appointment, felt faint and then threw up! (She eventually shifted towards the end, thankfully)
  • Being breach my bladder took a constant beating. The bigger she got, the more uncomfortable I was, I phoned the midwives on one occasion as I actually felt as though her foot was making it's way out! - ouch.
  • I didn't appreciate it at the time but my hair and nails were in the best condition they've ever been in. My hair was so shiny and thick and my nails were so strong and white.
  • Stuart's mum bought me 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' and it became my Bible for the next few months.
  • Netmums forums were also a huge help, I could ask anything- regardless of how embarrassing it was and could be sure there were other people out there who experienced it too.
  • I had such a gut feeling I was carrying a boy, I couldn't get my head around it when the sonographer at the gender scan revealed we were having a girl. Stuarts face was priceless, a mixture of joy and absolute fear!
  • Although we thought we were having a boy, we never had a boys name picked.
  • Every single girls name we picked, I had someone in my family with the same name.. Grace, Lily and even Eva! oops.
  • I had the most horrific heartburn/acid reflux and lived on Gaviscon and Rennies. I had to carry supplies with me in every handbag. sometimes it would reduce me to tears!. I couldn't believe it when Eva was born with very little hair, I was expecting chewbacca. I've never had to take Gaviscon since, and i'm scared stiff that if baby no:2 ever comes along, (with hair) I'm in for it.

  • I suffered from extremely bad insomnia towards the end of my pregnancy, I would often still be awake when Stuart was leaving in the morning for work, and could usually be found downstairs at 4am feeding my face with cheerios.
  • Stuart bought me a doppler as I was a paranoid wreck when I couldn't feel baby move. It really helped relax me during the early stages and was nice for him to share the connection.
  • Towards the end, Eva did not stop moving and would be most active around 6-7 am. I always said that she'll be an early riser, and she is, 7am she's awake and ready to start the day no matter how interrupted her sleep has been!
  • We loved watching her move about and have lots of video recordings of her. I think that is what I miss most about pregnancy! - feeling the movements.
  • I used Bio oil and palmers body butters and still got stretch marks towards the end, I was horrified but it's true what people say, they fade extremely fast.
  • I hated getting dressed and thought nothing looked nice on. It kills me seeing how beautiful and glowing Blake Lively looked... HOW?

  • We joked that Stuart was experiencing a phantom pregnancy as he was beginning to crave certain foods as well.. He actually put on more weight than me which I take full responsibility for.. not a weekend went by that I didn't want honeycomb and nutella ice cream. 
  • Pregnancy was the only time I've ever had plates of food as large as his and i'd be ridiculously offended if he didn't want dessert and I did.
  • I've had the biggest needle phobia for years which has seemingly been cured! Through pregnancy I had three blood tests,  3 Iv's of antibitotics, whooping cough jab, pethidine and  diamorphine. By the end I didn't even flinch getting a cannula in which would have before sent me into a panic attack!

  • My mum bought me a birthing ball which I practically lived on from 37 weeks, and only found out during in labour from my midwife that I was using it wrong. 
  • I used to be enraged looking at Stuart all cosy on our leather recliners while I was sat on the floor hunched over my ball!
  • We moved house two days after my due date- it was necessary as we spent the last few months of our pregnancy next door to a middle aged man trying to live a hedonistic lifestyle in Lambeg of all places.
  • I finished work weeks earlier than I had planned but was experiencing shooting pains in my bump, my midwives told it was a sign my body was telling me to slow down.
  • If I could turn back time, I would have spent more time in bed and feeling less guilty about it!
  • I had my 41 week appointment the day I went into labour, they performed a sweep and was told that I was 4cms dilated. Ive never felt more relieved as they were to discuss an induction date with me.
  • We both decided against writing out a birth plan and decided that we would go along with whatever was best for our baby. Labour and delivery can be so unpredictable and  it's hard to know what your pain threshold will be until you are in the situation yourself.
  • Stuart kept me laughing throughout the whole 10 months and while I was at my lowest in hospital in my stripey pjs, insisted on calling me the Hamburglar (Mc Donalds)  
(He still calls me it to this day whenever I wear them)

  • Eva arrived when she was exactly one week overdue.
  • Jessie Ware's 'Say You Love Me' was playing on our drive home from the hospital and to this day makes me bawl my eyes out!
  • I loved the whole experience but slightly nervous if baby no:2 ever comes along, I worry it might not be as smooth!
  • I suffered aches, pains, stretchmarks and sleepless nights and didn't even get to keep my free boob job from Mother Nature. Life is cruel.
  • I could not have asked for a better partner, bestfriend and daddy for our baby and thinks he deserves an MBE for putting up with me for the duration of pregnancy.... (and beyond)



  1. I always look at the times these are posted, makes me giggle! Thoroughly enjoy them :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Thanks so much Tiffany :) means alot xxx

  4. did you pay to be tested for strep b? i didnt think this was standard ? thank goodness you were diagnosed x

  5. did you pay to be tested for strep b? i didnt think this was standard ? thank goodness you were diagnosed x

    1. No! In Northern Ireland every pregnant woman gets tested for Strep B at the first midwife appointment. I know, I feel very lucky to have it picked up straight away, i've heard so many horror stories! It's awful. xxx

  6. well thats amazing.friend of mine in NI wasnt tested some 5 years ago and her baby died. maybe its new but its great news. x


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