Monday, 2 February 2015

A man's Guide to Pregnancy & Birth

It was about time I introduced' my other half' to my blog.I recruited Stuart to answer some pretty basic questions about his experience of pregnancy and birth. The man talks a mile a minute and was utterly disgusted that I have condensed his answers down, but in all honestly it would have taken me the best part of a week to type up. I've edited and cleaned it up a bit (asking a man about the ins and outs of pregnancy, you're guaranteed crude replies.) So here it is, Stuarts own experience..

How did you feel when I told you I was pregnant?
I  had the biggest smile on my face. I wanted to start telling everyone, but knew I couldn't as it was early, early days.

What do you feel was the biggest change?
We liked to go out a lot before,we were both working conflicting shifts so when we were off together we would go for dinner and drinks and think nothing of coming home and splitting a bottle of Jack Daniels.
Later on in the pregnancy it was the lack of sleep. Although, on reflection I was getting far better sleep back then.
You got so uncomfortable so easily, took up half the bed and wouldn't come near me as you said I 'radiated too much heat' sometimes using your pregnancy pillow as a barrier from me. (Money well spent)
You also peed a lot, and woke me up every time you got up. Literally by the time you had got back into bed, you'd be up again.

Did you have any fears?
I became a bit of paranoid wreck. I always worried about you falling, you're the clumsiest person I know. (Don't hold back there, Stu....)
I hated you running up and down the stairs and kept thinking this idiots going to have an accident soon. (and rightly so, I did.) From early on I was constantly worried about the two of you and just wanted everything to be ok.

How did you find my hormones?
I felt I had to tread on egg shells as you could be extremely sensitive at times. I was on my best behaviour!

What did you think of my body changing?
It really didn't bother me, apart from the fact you took up most of the bed. I gained more weight than you though! You gained two stone with a baby and I gained two and a half without!

What were your highlights?
The cravings. I just rolled with the punches. I never complained about you wanting a takeaway, it was always what do you want and where do you want it from?
The naps, oh the naps. You were always so tired and I took advantage of it too. There was times we'd just go to bed after dinner and that would be us until the next day.
Obviously the scans were a highlight, especially the 20 week scan. It filled me with both love and fear.

How did you feel when we were told we were going to have a daughter?
I was delighted, though it made me instantly think of eighteen years down the line and my protective nature immediately kicked in.

[In reality,Stuart's answer was too explicit to repeat. Let's just say our poor daughter will be eternally single, and lucky if she gets to venture out of the house alone]

How did you feel when you got the call telling you that I was in labour?
I was at work at the time, you were a week overdue and so I was on standby anyway. The minute my phone rang I kind of just knew. The guy who I worked with told me to go on home. The journey down the motorway was over in a flash - I made it home from Belfast quicker than you made it home from Lisburn health centre!

How did you find the labour/birth experience?
It was very surreal. One day we were Stuart and Sarah, then the next day we had an addition.
Before I could have spent four hours in the bathroom if I wanted (errrrr, lovely, Stu.) but now there was a little baby who depended on me and needed my time.
I was surprised that it all just came naturally, like it was second nature. It was only looking back I think 'how did I know how to do that?!'
The love I felt when I seen Eva for the first time is indescribable, it was a different kind of love than I'd ever felt before. I've never known love like it. She's a little legend.

Any advice to other future dads?
Whatever she wants, no matter how mental she is, grin and bear it.
Make her laugh and keep her calm.
Let petty issues go, just let them go, let her win. At the end of the day there will only be one loser. you as you'll have to listen to a hormonal woman giving off.

If we were to go through it all again would you change anything?
I'd pack a hospital bag of snacks and a portable dvd player.
Slippers too.


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