Thursday, 26 February 2015

Five Month Update..

If I had a pound for every time i've uttered the phrase 'Where does the time go?' I'd be reading the time off my platinum rolex, dining on caviar and Cristal, in the comfort of  my New York penthouse apartment. But really, where does the time go? It really does only seem like yesterday that we were driving home from hospital, ten miles per hour, with our new little love bundled up in the back seat. It is as though we blinked and suddenly she was a fully functioning little human, holding her own spoon, giggling at our silly faces and grabbing hold of everything in sight.

As much as I have enjoyed the journey so far, i've found it more challenging than I ever imagined it would be. I'll openly admit that I really struggled during the first few months, particularly when Stuart and my mum went back to work. It was when the visitors stopped calling daily, the congratulations cards had been taken down, the pink flowers withered, that everything seemed a little overwhelming. Of course I loved my daughter unconditionally, but I wasn't sure that I really loved my new lifestyle.
Over time it has got remarkably easier and I can honestly say that I wouldn't change it for anything. Of course there are times I still feel a little overwhelmed, for example: trying to get us washed, dressed, fed and out the door for the doctor's appointment at 9am. Pre baby, I struggled to look after myself!

 On the subject of sleep, we are going through a bit of a sleep regression. A regression, being a polite way of saying we are getting zero sleep. We are learning to cope on a just a few hours and have to constantly remind ourselves that this will not last forever (it wouldn't need to...) Just refrain from telling us how your baby is napping several hours during the day and sleeping the night through, if you're not looking a swift slap to the face. Sleep is a touchy subject in our house at the minute. The only saving grace is that she awakes with a great big smile on her face, and it's impossible to stay annoyed. She is the only person  past or present, that can make me smile at 4am.
However, sleep. I will never take you for granted again.

Eva has started to take an interest in her toys the last couple of months. Anything bright, colourful with various different textures she gravitates towards. I personally favour the toys with rings/clips which can be attached to her pram/car seat and keep her occupied when we're out and about. Eva loves anything with crinkly sounds, lights, or with rattly bits attached. Lamaze, Bright Starts and Blossom Farm from the Early Learning Centre are all brands which we particularly like. They're good quality, wash well and most importantly keep Eva entertained and stimulate her senses. She is all about exploring everything with her hands (and mouth!) these days. I'd highly recommend buying toys for a baby present and will definitely do in the future. Although it's been a while before Eva has had much use out them, they have been great to have and have saved us the expense of having to buy them when money is a little tighter now with the expense of nappies, milk, wipes, food etc..

Lamaze 'My Friend Emily' 

 Beatrix Potter 'Flopsy Bunny'
Mothercare Safari Spiral toy.
Bright Starts Flutter and link.
Vtech Peek A Boo Book 

As much as we trust and generally follow all advice offered by the health visitor, we are also firm believers of following our own instinct when it comes to our baby. We decided to wean Eva a little early than recommended due to a number of personal reasons. Eva has taken to food extremely well, and is enjoying porridge, and mashed down fruits and vegetables. She particularly enjoys a blend of mango,banana and apple and protests if we even as much as take away the spoon to give her more. We didn't really know how to go about weaning her at the beginning, and so we relied on Ella's Kitchen's pouches (which are great) but now we have gained more confidence we have made up our own concoctions, today Eva is dining on a mixture of sweet potato, broccoli and carrot. Our washing machine is working overtime trying to get stains out of her bib, and i've never been more thankful for our wooden floor and easily wiped leather sofa. Feeding time at the zoo is an understatement!

After a slow start we have mastered tummy time, and Eva now loves it! She is showing no interest in wanting to sit up by herself  at the minute, preferring to lay on her front or on her back kicking her legs. She moves herself very quickly!  and nappy changing is becoming almost impossible without inflicting some kind of injury to us, fists in the face, a kick in the ribs. This little human is extremely strong but we are really enjoying watching her move about, and celebrated her rolling over for the first time last week. While she hasn't been able to do it since, she really is trying and we reckon it'll probably be within the next week or so. All the candles along the fireplace will have to go into hiding! 

Eva has been teething for months. No one could have prepared me enough for teething. It is horrendous. The minute it begins,her little fair cheeks go scarlet and she's absolutely miserable. We tried calpol on occasion and Dentinox teething gel which seemed to slide off her gums so we gave Teetha teething granules a go which seem to have worked the best for her. Sophie La Giraffe has also been Eva's best friend through this teething hell. I'm really hoping for her sake that a little tooth/teeth pop up soon, we hate seeing her in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it.

I don't know if it's just me, but everyone seems to be pregnant at the minute. While I am no where near ready for another baby- Give me five years. I have serious pregnancy envy! Although I complained a great deal through my pregnancy about pains, weight gain, zero energy (the list goes on) On reflection I  had such a  good experience and get so excited to see a pregnancy announcement. Where is the old Sarah, and what have you done with her?


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